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After 2 years of hard work, your non-stop journey from debut to end has paid off, our 6 idiots. We hope you continue to have fun on stage, show us your different sides through all genres of music as you always do, and stay our 6 lovely and perfect idiots. I think we’re so proud of you more than any other fandom with their first win because it’s been so long and you six have deserved it with every comeback yet we haven’t won. But now we have and every member — this band — deserves it so much. Congratulations BAP! ;w; 

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Daehyun & Math

Before I knew it, the time I spent with you all has reached 2 years, and then was able to hold this fanmeeting with Babys. Three years ago from now, I was really a nobody, and because of that, I wasn’t that special either. I was a very normal boy who just fell into singing, because I really…

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